Anti-Chafe Swimwear

Anti-Chafe Swimwear

Anti-Chafe Swimwear

Summer is here and with it come beach days and pool parties. But chafing due to friction from your bathing suit can become a real problem that will quickly ruin a day of fun in the sun for kids and adults alike. Many companies have sprouted up offering solutions to address the problem of chafing from being in a swimsuit all day, offering what they describe as “anti-chafe swimwear”. These companies offer swimsuits and bikinis that aim to reduce the amount of chafing that is caused by rough seams, and utilising different materials that reduce friction around areas that often shift and move when swimming or being physically active. But what if there is a better way? What if you can address the problem of swimsuit chafing without having to purchase a new swimsuit – but rather, make all of your swimwear “anti-chafe swimwear”?

Using Body Glide® balms is the only way to keep you chafe-free by reducing the amount of friction caused by abrasive fabrics, and other irritants you encounter like salt and sand.

Salt & Sand: The Main Culprits

When it comes to chafing, it’s all about moisture & friction. Moisture from a dip in the water or sweat combined with the friction of your clothing causes unsightly, painful chafing. Anti-chafe swimwear seeks to address this issue with their use of flatter inseams and less abrasive fabrics, but these do nothing to help with the two biggest culprits of summertime chafing – salt & sand.

These irritants love to bunch up in your most sensitive areas – between the thighs and groin, along your waistband, and in areas along your torso, breasts, arms. While you are active and moving they work together slowly wearing down your skin until nothings left but an unsightly rash or blister. This is where Body Glide® family of products are more effective than “anti-chafe swimwear”.

Use Body Glide® balms to Make Your Swimwear Chafe-Proof

Use Body Glide® products to make all of your swimwear chafe-proof! Simply use Body Glide® balms before heading out to create a protective barrier between your skin and any swimwear or irritants! One application of Body Glide® Original Anti-Chafe Balm is enough to last all day. Much like cyclists utilise chamois cream to avoid blisters and chafing on long bike rides, you can use Body Glide® on your legs, inner thighs, waistline or any other areas that experience chafing at the beach or by the pool. Just apply Body Glide® anytime you head to the beach, lake or pool to avoid the chafing and friction caused by swimming trunks, swimsuits, and bikinis.

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